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Welcome to BotGains, the revolutionary new cryptocurrency platform where you can access exclusive features and benefits by purchasing NFTs. Our NFT membership tokens are limited in supply and are the key to unlocking special perks within our ecosystem.

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Welcome to
BotGains v2 - Membership Pass Tiers Available

There are multiple tiers and ways to access the BotGain platform.
Choose the tier that best suits your needs.
BotGains NFT Membership Pass

How does
it work?

You purchase the NFT and hold it in your crypto wallet. The more NFTs you own, the more perks you will be eligible for!

Connect your MetaMask wallet to our easy to use dashboard, and our dashboard will auto-detect all your nfts and benefits!

No custom tokens that will lose value. No pump and dump tokenomics. Purchase NFTs, earn perks, and get BotGains!

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